Tecingat is a smart, intelligent, quirky, witty content portal that targets people interested in technologies, science, inventions, computers and security. Tecingat stands for Technology Information Gathering and it was founded in November 2014. At first, we started Tecingat for a school website competition later the website’s structure was improved to give readers a wonderful experience.

Since 2014, Tecingat has been on a single-minded mission to provide readers with latest updates on whats happening in our digital world. Tecingat delivers tech news to an audience who crave for technical depth and want to learn about the latest digital trends.

Tecingat is becoming a reliable source for technology news, information & resources for the Connected Generation. Tecingat reports on the importance of digital innovation in an automobile, computer, medical, military, robotics and security and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.

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